Friday, August 24, 2012

Unforgettable Moments of 16yrs

Such to yeh hain ki Zindagi ne yeh ehsaas dila hi diya aaj humein
Jab tum the to sab tha , aaj tum nahin to kuch bhi nahin
Kuch Bhi Nahin......

Those 16 yrs of our life was so beautiful that now when you left me all alone
Life seems to be at a standstill and not moving anywhere
Tried and i tried my best, unable to find any road in this darkness around

You were there and been there all when i needed you the most and the least
Now when i need you badly, all i have is our unforgettable moments of love and support
I need you and i Need you the most
come back, come back if you can
Trust me if that is going to happen, i will never ever ask for anything more
never and ever......

Zindagi ke falsafe jo humne bayaan kar diye
to mano ek andhera sa chaa gaya aas paas
Tum jo nahin to koi nahin apne paas
Aisa kya kho diya maine jo chah kar bhi mera nahin ban saka kabhi

I learnt it hard way so i understand the pain of losing
I owe you all those years that we have been together
Now and forever
When you reached, no one else can ever reach
the togetherness and the bonding we shared, it will never be shared with anyone else

my dedication and all my love is for you and will always remain.

love you loads and love you as always.........

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