Saturday, August 28, 2010

Different Outlook, so true

We think if we love someone, we should just set them free and give them their own space

Well, it's true in its own sense, however there is something that we really have to think about.

When two people decide to become one by commiting to each other, personal space is required but at the same time , the other person should have a feeling that its not only u or me. After teh commitment, it becomes "US"

So whatever two does, it implicates US and not an individual aspect.

Do you really think that if you love someone and that someone, for some reason, feels detached or slipping out of the relationship, you should just set them free and let them be and actually slip out? No. I don’t think so. What if that someone feel that this person just doesn’t care whether I’m there or not… I think one should make an effort, never let them go, hold them, trust them, love them, and cherish them. You can’t just ‘let it be’ if you see the love fading out, provided you really are in love… you must work on it!

There are so many times in any relationship when you feel everything is just falling apart… imagine if no one makes an effort at that point and just keep singing this stupid quote in their minds, it will actually fall apart. I mean how would the person know what he/she means?
i don’t say that if you love someone, keep them in a cage…you can’t. But don’t just take it for granted that they will come back to you in any case…in teh times of adversity, you need to tell them that they are needed back…. only if you LOVE someone!

Hold them in such a way that they should feel preoccupied and at the same time Secure and contended. That's all about the commitment and True Love Passion.